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Hester will, upon commencement of operations, sell a wide range of beauty services and products. We will provide quality hair, nail, and skin services, along with top lines of beauty products.



Dreaming sheep

Dreaming Sheep

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Kreativ-yard, provide customers from all around the globe with eminent and simply programmable internet products. Our software solutions also include services like developing complex business applications to creating modified and adapted designs for your website.




There is an ancient concept of the Master Builder. As a true design/build construction firm headquartered in Canada, The Law Company is directed by this principle, which says that every task is performed in service to the customer’s vision, that the quality of the building endures for all time.

Design is the secret to great business

See Stationery Designs for Print Inspiration

Designing stationery as part of a branding project is always an enjoyable job. Not only can you express your creativity in the artwork, design for print also allows you to experiment with different paper stocks and inks to create premium quality goods. This post showcases various must see examples of inspirational stationery designs by various talented designers. See how they spread a consistent brand across the various printed products to create a solid identity.

The bird is powered by its own life and by its motivation.

Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam